About Me

Hi, welcome to my website! I am Hildemieke. Nice to meet you! I am a Dutch fashion designer. Two years ago I decided to go on this British adventure, together with my boyfriend and two cats, after having worked as a kids wear designer for seven years.

From the construction of wetsuits to Run-DMC’s “my adidas”, I have always had a fascination for sportswear and the culture around it. Luckily I found a course specializing in this area. University College Falmouth offers a three year BA (Hons) Degree in Performance Sportswear Design, combining function, design, aesthetics and fashion.

Studying again has inspired me to explore new subjects. I am eager to learn everything there is to know about sustainable design, fashion, production and living and combining the information with my experience as a designer.

I succesfully graduated in June 2012 and I moved back home to The Netherlands. I am now working as a freelance designer. If you have any design opportunities, need my expertise or you could use my skills in your company, please contact me.