Amazing fabrics by amazing sponsors!

Over the weeks I have been very busy with finetuning my collection and making sure I have everything ready to make all the garments.

I am very excited to say that I have been sponsored by Schoeller and Polartec! Both of them are top of the range fabric suppliers. I met the people from Schoeller and Polartec  when I was in Germany for ISPO. Back then I had the chance to go through their collections, so I knew what fabrics to request.

Schoeller has offered to sponsor me with 10 meters of any fabric in their collection. After going over the samples they had send me I have requested 4 different fabrics which will all become outerlayers for my snowwear collection “One World”.

For the baselayers I wanted to use  Polartecs recycled range. Polartec has  send me 9 different fabrics which I can use for baselayers.