HM at H&M?

After my contact ended with Adidas I found out that H&M where setting up a new sportswear department. I contacted them and had an interview over the phone. The interview went well and I was invited to come and meet the recruitment team in Amsterdam. On that day there were 3 other candidates who all travelled quite a bit to get to Amsterdam, one guy was flown in! It was very interesting meeting them. They all had been working at interesting companies like Adidas, Puma, Kuyichi and Marc Jacobs (New York). It felt quite good to be in the same category as them. The day started with a small presentation talking about how H&M is organised and what to expect when you start working for them. They were also talking about their plans of becoming the biggest sustainable fashion company in the world, one of my reasons to love H&M, I already knew this because I have written about that in my dissertation last year. After this  presentation the recruitment team split up and we all had 2 interviews, one about our work and one about ourselves personally. The interview about my work went really well, but the personal interview was though with a lot of difficult questions. I also mentioned I found it hard picturing myself living in Stockholm (location H&M HQ). If all went well I would have been invited for the last round to come to Stockholm to meet the sportswear team . Unfortunately, a week after the interview in Amsterdam, the team of H&M let me know that they weren’t going to continue with me.