Last week I went to Munich in Germany for ISPO MUNICH which is the biggest show for the sporting goods industry, in the world . With more than 80.000 visitors . I was there because I have won a price at the European Fashion Awards by SDBI. I entered their competition “Active- sportswear design” past summer.

Saturday me and the other price winners got together at the venue to build up and dressed the mannequins on our freshly painted stand. The stand was huge, about 20 meters!

Sunday the 29th of January at noon was the award ceremony and was I finally finding out what price I had won! We started the day at 7.30 at our stand in B3 in the company of Gregor Hohenberg, the photographer that had done our photo shoot in Berlin in December(his main job is to make pictures for Elle and Vogue Germany). The reason for this early hour was to take pictures of the stand with not to many people standing in front of it.

At 9 the venue officially was open to the public. The closer the time got to 12 o’clock, the busier it became.  My boyfriend Richard, my parents and my tutors; Charles Ross, Jane and Patrick Gottelier had came to support me. At 12 o’clock Herr Schirrmacher (chairman of SDBI) took the microphone and held a short introduction after which all the winners walked over to their mannequins and were asked to say something about the collection. After this the price giving started. I wish I was able to tell more about what has been said but unfortunally most of the ceremony was in German, so pretty hard to follow… The first price (€4.000,-) went to Kristina Mora and Alexander Brenk with their Yoga collection. The special price by Gore bike wear (€5.000,-) went to Margarita Ruiz with her urban cycle collection and there were two special mention awards (€500,-), which went Jorn with his sleepingbagjacket and I have also won a special mention award.

After the award ceremony we all spend most of our time at the stand to talk to people that showed interest.  On Monday all the price winners visited  “IDEAS –which is a active sports design network. Later that day I went to the womeninboardsport-lunch, which was a great opportunity to hear stories from women in the business and to introduce myself. I also managed to visit Schoeller, who are revolutionary fabric manufacturing company. Later on I approached them for sponsorship of my final collection and they are willing to help me out!

Of course there were some familiar faces there as well! My friend Niina who was an exchange student at Falmouth last year also came to visit ISPO. I also went to visit Fashionpower at their stand; Fashionpower was the last company I worked for before moving to the UK to study Performance Sportswear Design.

My classmate Owen “Gaz” was also at ISPO because he had entered a competition by 686. He also was at his stand where he had 3 days to make a jacket out of worn out jackets.

On Wednesday I realised I did not see a lot of stands so my free 2 hours I went round like a maniac taking pictures and going up to stands of brands I like and introducing myself.

Wining this price has been an amazing experience.  From the phone call from Germany in October to flying out to Berlin for a photo shoot to the ISPO fair! I have learned a lot, met very interesting people and enjoyed myself. I would like to take the opportunity to thank SDBI for giving new talent the chance to show their work Special thanks to Joachim Schirrmacher, Caroline Lohne and Anja Ulrich for the great support during the activities. To the others winners; It was great sharing the stage with you and am sure we’ll meet again!

I am a little sad it is all over, but I am very much looking forward to the next big thing: creating my final collection!