April / December 2013 – Designing for Adidas Outdoor

After my graduation fashion show I was approached by Adidas asking me if I would be interested in working for them. Of course I was! Adidas being one of my favourite all time brand and one of the biggest companies in sportswear! I that period they did not have a fitting job opening for me so we stayed in touch. At the beginning of 2013 Adidas approached me again asking if I was interested in moving to Germany and working as a design assistant for Adidas Outdoor. Even though I had been busy setting up my own company and having good freelance assignments I decided it was a great opportunity that I could not miss!

I have had an amazing time in Germany. It was great to work for a company that really invests in design. I was given the responsibility of designing the Adidas Outdoor kid’s and accessories collection (by myself). My main assignment was to let the kid’s collection grow up a bit more and make it more suitable for teens. Next to this I have also been involved in many brainstorm sessions about the new collections, designing new trims and have I been researching the fabric use of the department and trying to come up with ideas to lower the amount of different fabrics that were used.

After a little bit longer than a half year I made the painful decision to quit this job. The main reason was that I had a hard time dealing with all the travelling back and forth between Germany and The Netherlands (where my husband was still living).