August/September 2012- Design Task Adidas

During the graduation fashion show Adidas came to look for new talent. A few weeks after the show they contacted me and asked if I was interested in working for Adidas in Germany. Of course I did not have to think long about this! In order to decide if I would be the right person for one of the jobs I was asked to do an assignment. First for the rugby department. I did not know a thing about rugby so researching was the biggest task. I had fun with it, but to be honest it wasn’t my best work ever (that’s why there are no images placed on this page). The people at Adidas liked it, but did see that I was not an expert on rugby. They said that they would have hired me if the job was for an assistant designer function. The Kids wear department of Adidas Originals was also interested in me and asked me to design 2 outfits for boys or girls in the age of 2 to 12. I thought I didn’t want to go back into doing kids wear again, but I had so much fun with this I decided that I wouldn’t mind doing kids wear in the future as long as it has a link with sportswear. Unfortunately Adidas has decided to have a stop on hiring new people. They have let me know that they are still very interested in me and hope they are allowed to hire new people soon.