January 2012 – Winner European Fashion Award Fash2012 – Competition of the SDBI, the German Fashion Industry Foundation

From my own experience I know it is hard to keep in shape and work a nine to five job. You wake up early, do what needs to be done and then leave for work, which for most of us means queuing up behind your fellow-creatures in a traffic jam. Then you work hard all day and the same story gets played in reverse. By the time you are home and fed, most of the evening is gone and you feel like you just want to sit down and do nothing.

This rhythm goes on for the most of us for more than half of the week. In weekends we are busy doing chores around the house and arranging our social lives, which we can’t seem to find time for during the week.

We all want to be healthy, but the first thing that has to suffer from our time management is exercise. Due to our rhythm of life we are moving less and less. Each individual owns a car. We only walk from the car to the place we need to be. Thanks to the internet we don’t even have to leave the house to do our shopping. And we are wondering why we are struggling with issues of being overweight?

I think there should be a lot more stimulation for exercise for the people who work hard every day. The cycle needs to be broken by giving people the opportunity to add exercise to their daily routine. A lot of people would benefit from getting some exercise and spending time outside. The simplest way is to go for a walk. To get a good work out, running or interval training can be a great answer. You don’t need to join a club; it can be done anytime, anywhere. All you need is a good pair of running shoes and a comfortable outfit and you’re set to go. I would recommend that people go for a run after they have finished their day at the office. It is a great way of clearing your head. Also running helps lower blood pressure, maximizes the lungs’ potential, strengthens bones, improves the heart therefore helping to prevent heart attacks. Running, like all forms of regular exercise, can effectively slow or reverse the effects of ageing. Running can also have psychological benefits, as many participants in the sport report experience an elated, euphoric state, often referred to as a “runner’s high”. Running is frequently recommended as therapy for people with clinical depression and people coping with addiction. A possible benefit may be the enjoyment of nature and scenery, which also improves psychological well-being.

Should I bring my running kit with me to the office? Where do I change? I have designed a collection that looks good at the office, but performs well enough to go for a run after work. All you need to do is change your shoes and take off your fashion accessories and you are good to go!