Sneak preview of my final collection “One World”

After my return from ISPO it was time to focus on my graduation project. UCF has been so nice to give me 2 extra weeks because I have missed a lot of time due to FASH2012.  I had 2 weeks to work out the basic shapes for my collection and to create an experimental portfolio. Madness! For the past 2 weeks I have been running around feeling out of time. No time to think just do it! Most days I had to create at least one garment. I can almost not believe it myself, but I have managed to make 8 garments in two weeks and I finished my experimental portfolio(30 A2pages!) on time!

This Wednesday I presented the first line up for my graduation collection ”One World” a snow wear collection of which each outfit has been inspired by a continent. The collection is aiming to be as sustainable as possible.

Of course there were a lot of critical questions and comments. Some I saw coming and some were a suprise. But overall I think it went well.  Next week I will receive my official feedback on both assignments.

Shown in the pictures is a sneak preview of my final collection. Please note that this is not a finished project, it is a work in progress. Enjoy!