Something very exciting!!!

I hope all of you are doing well. Here is some very exciting news from my side.

It has been hard trying to get a job as a designer. Therefore I have been setting up my own company this past few months; working a few days a week as a freelance designer for an outdoor brand and I am designing a small men’s and women’s collection for a snowboard wear brand (this collection will be launched next ISPO and it is exactly what I envisioned myself doing!). I have also been busy with setting up a webshop which sells eco t-shirts (some of it my own designs!)

Very soon I will be less busy with all this because I have been offered a job as an assistant designer at Adidas outdoor in Germany! This summer I was all ready in conversation with Adidas, but due to the fact that there wasn’t a right job opening for me, it has been quiet for a few months. Last month they contacted me again with the great news they finally had a job that would fit me perfectly!

I will start my job in the beginning of April. I am very excited even though it is going to be tough on a personal level because my partner will be living in our home in The Netherlands. I will be travelling back and forth on weekends (approximately 7 hours one way..oh my…).