WHAT CAN I DO FOR your school?

Are you looking for someone who can inspire your students?

Someone that can explain everything about garment construction, materials, creating concepts, fashion design and the fashion industry?

I have been teaching a variety of fashion related courses to many people. I am experienced with lecturing both online and off line.

At a mature age I went back to college. Not only did I learn a lot from my tutor’s, I also learnt a lot from my fellow students.

I really enjoy talking to other creative people, even if they are still learning.

I know I can be of real value. I am patient and friendly, next to the fact that I personally never stoped learning. Which makes me a walking encyclopedia!

I can:

  • Host a design day
  • Give a (live) video lecture
  • Be a guest lecturer
  • Manage a project
  • Write course material

Interested? Please contact me and we can discuss the possibilities.